Response to judgment from Judicial Review

24th September 2013

Viking Energy's initial response to Lady Clark's judgment . . .

Islands strike price proposal is "positive step forward"

15th September 2013

Viking Energy's response to the proposal by UK energy secretary Ed Davey for a special islands strike price of £115 per MegaWatt-hour.

Viking responds to the recent health impact study

5th September 2013

Read Viking Energy’s letter to Shetland Charitable Trust in response to a report by Dr Sarah Taylor on the possible health effects of wind farms.

Government commits to Scottish islands strike price

27th June 2013

Viking Energy reaction to UK government announcement.

Viking Energy says report is key to making wind farm viable

16th May 2013

Response to the publication of the Scottish Islands Renewable Project report by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Scottish government.

Viking says its wind farm is an exemplary model for building on peat land

8th March 2013

Viking Energy said this week its project sets a high standard for building wind farms on peat land. It incorporates the only plan in existence for reducing the damaging greenhouse gases already escaping from eroded peat in the Central Mainland of Shetland.

New chairman of Viking Energy Shetland provides project update

18th February 2013

The new chairman of the Shetland-owned half of the venture, Alan Bryce, said today it was "business as usual" with pre-development preparations well under way. These will be followed in due course by project construction to meet the grid connection date less than six years away.