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Addendum 2010

Vol 1 - Non-Technical Summary

Figure 1.1 - 1.3

Non-Technical Summary (Addendum) (5MB)

Figure 15.1 Roads Hierarchy (7MB)

Figure 15.2 2000 Traffic Flows (7MB)

Figure 15.3 Network Constraints and Sensitive Locations (7MB)

Figure 19.1 National Scenic Areas (2.1MB)

Figure 19.2 Walking and Cycling Routes (2.4MB)

Figure 19.3 Fishing Lochs and Lochans (2.6MB)

Vol 2 - Written Statement

Chapter 01 Introduction (Addendum) (165KB)

Chapter 02 Background (Addendum) (61KB)

Chapter 03 Site Selection (Addendum) (44KB)

Chapter 04 Development Description (Addendum) (119KB)

Chapter 05 EIA (Addendum) (36KB)

Chapter 06 Site Context (Addendum) (34KB)

Chapter 07 Renewable Energy & Planning Policy Context (Addendum) (113KB)

Chapter 08 Landscape Character (Addendum) (93KB)

Chapter 09 Visual Impact (Addendum) (96KB)

Chapter 10 Non-Avian Ecology (Addendum) (119KB)

Chapter 11 Ornithology (Addendum) (1.3MB)

Chapter 12 Noise (Addendum) (162KB)

Chapter 13 Cultural Heritage (Addendum) (245KB)

Chapter 14 Soil and Water (Addendum) (134KB)

Chapter 15 Roads and Traffic (Addendum) (109KB)

Chapter 16 Air and Climate (Addendum) (198KB)

Chapter 17 Socio-Economic (Addendum) (152KB)

Chapter 18 Telecoms and Aviation (Addendum) (55KB)

Chapter 19 Recreation and Tourism (Addendum) (60KB)

Chapter 20 Mitigation and Residual Effects Summary (Addendum) (123KB)

Vol 3 - Figures

Appendix Figure A10.9.1 Candidate HMP Lochans (Addendum) (4.7MB)

Appendix Figure A10.9.2 Whimbrel Management Areas (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Figure A4.1.1 Site Layout, North (Addendum) (7.3MB)

Figure A4.1.1b Deleted Features, North (Addendum) (8.6MB)

Figure A4.1.2 Site Layout, South (Addendum) (8.9MB)

Figure A4.1.2b Deleted Features, South (Addendum) (9MB)

Figure A9.1 Zone of Theoretical Visibility (Addendum) (2.6MB)

Figure A9.1a Zone of Theoretical Visbility (Addendum) (10.5MB)

Figure A9.1b Zone of Theoretical Visbility (Addendum) (10.5MB)

Figure A9.2.1 Visual Receptors (1 of 11) (Addendum) (2.1MB)

Figure A9.2.5 Visual Receptors (5 of 11) (Addendum) (5MB)

Figure A9.2.7 Visual Receptors (7 of 11) (Addendum) (10.5MB)

Figure A9.3.6a Viewpoint 6 Lunna House (Addendum) (1.9MB)

Figure A9.3.6b Viewpoint 6b Lunna House (Addendum) (453KB)

Figure A9.3.6c Viewpoint 6 Lunna House (Addendum) (662KB)

Figure A9.3.18a Viewpoint 18 Firth - Mossbank (Addendum) (1.1MB)

Figure A9.3.18b Viewpoint 18 Firth - Mossbank (Addendum) (1.4MB)

Figure A9.3.23a Viewpoint 23 Hillswick (Addendum) (1MB)

Figure A9.3.23b Viewpoint 23 Hillswick (Addendum) (1MB)

Figure A11.6 Red-throated Diver Flight Activity (Addendum) (4.6MB)

Figure A11.7 Greylag Goose Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Figure A11.8 Golden Plover Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.5MB)

Figure A11.9 Lapwing Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.5MB)

Figure A11.10 Dulin Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Figure A11.11 Whimbrel Breeding Territories and Hot Spots (Addendum) (4.6MB)

Figure A11.12 Curlew Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.6MB)

Figure A11.13 Arctic Skua Breeding Territories and Hot Spots (Addendum) (4.5MB)

Figure A11.14 Great Skua Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Figure A11.15 Arctic Tern Breeding Territories (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Figure A12.1 Baseline Noise Monitoring Locations (Addendum) (9.1MB)

Figure A13.1 Cultural Heritage Sites near Collafirth (Addendum) (2.1MB)

Figure A13.2 Cultural Heritage Sites near Nesting (Addendum) (1.4MB)

Figure A13.3 Cultural Heritage Sites near Kergord (Addendum) (1.6MB)

Figure A13.4 Cultural Heritage Sites near Delting (Addendum) (1.6MB)

Figure A13.20.1 Archaeological Potential - Delting (Addendum) (4.1MB)

Figure A13.20.2 Archaeological Potential - Kergord South (Addendum) (3.6MB)

Figure A13.20.3 Archaeological Potential - Kergord North (Addendum) (3.6MB)

Figure A13.20.4 Archaeological Potential - Nesting South (Addendum) (3MB)

Figure A13.20.5 Archaeological Potential - Nesting North (Addendum) (3.1MB)

Figure A13.21 Archaeology and Turbines - Delting North (Addendum) (1.1MB)

Figure A13.22 Archaeology and Turbines - Delting South (Addendum) (888KB)

Figure A13.23 Archaeology and Turbines - Nesting North (Addendum) (480KB)

Figure A13.24 Archaeology and Turbines - Kergord Mid (Addendum) (1.6MB)

Figure A13.25 Archaeology and Turbines - Kergord South (Addendum) (2.5MB)

Figure A13.26 Archaeology and Turbines - Nesting South (Addendum) (875KB)

Figure A13.27.1 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (2MB)

Figure A13.27.2 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (2.3MB)

Figure A13.27.3 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (1.9MB)

Figure A13.27.4 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (2MB)

Figure A13.27.5 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (3.4MB)

Figure A13.27.6 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (2.5MB)

Figure A13.27.7 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (1.8MB)

Figure A13.27.8 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (2MB)

Figure A13.27.9 Cultural Heritage Wirelines (Addendum) (1.7MB)

Figure A13.28 Hegels Wheel (Addendum) (5.5MB)

Figure A14.16a Borrow Pit DBP01 (Addendum) (2.3MB)

Figure A14.16b Borrow Pit DBP02 (Addendum) (2.3MB)

Figure A14.16c Borrow Pit DBP03 (Addendum) (2.8MB)

Figure A14.16d Borrow Pit KBP01 (Addendum) (2.5MB)

Figure A14.16e Borrow Pit KBP02 (Addendum) (2.6MB)

Figure A14.16f Borrow Pit KBP03 (Addendum) (2.2MB)

Figure A14.16g Borrow Pit KBP04 (Addendum) (1.8MB)

Figure A14.16h Borrow Pit KBP05 (Addendum) (1.9MB)

Figure A14.16i Borrow Pit NBP01 (Addendum) (2.3MB)

Figure A14.16j Borrow Pit NBP03 (Addendum) (2.7MB)

Figure A14.16k Borrow Pit NBP04 (Addendum) (2.2MB)

Figure A14.16l Borrow Pit NBP05 (Addendum) (2.1MB)

Figure A14.16m Borrow Pit NBP06 (Addendum) (2.3MB)

Map A4 VP1 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A5 VP2 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A6 VP3 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A7 VP4 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A8 VP5 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A9 VP6 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A10 VP7 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A11 VP8 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A12 VP9 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A13 VP10 (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Map A14 VP11 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A15 VP12 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A16 VP13 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A17 VP15 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A18 VP16 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A19 VP17 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A20 VP18 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A21 VP19 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A22 VP20 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A23 VP21 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A24 VP23 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A25 VP24 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A26 VP26 (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Map A27 VP27 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A28 VP29 (Addendum) (4.4MB)

Map A29 VP30 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A30 VP31 (Addendum) (4.3MB)

Map A31 Cumulative Viewshed North (Addendum) (3.4MB)

Map A32 Cumulative Viewshed South (Addendum) (3.4MB)

Map A33 VP M1 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A34 VP M2 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A35 VP M3 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A36 VP M4 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A37 VP M5 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A38 VP M6 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A39 VP M7 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A40 VP M8 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A41 VP M9 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A42 VP M10 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A43 VP M11 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A44 VP M12 (Addendum) (4MB)

Map A45 Cumulative Viewshed M North (Addendum) (3MB)

Map A46 Cumulative Viewshed M South (Addendum) (2.6MB)

Map A91 Distribution of Breeding Whimbrel (Addendum) (4.6MB)

Vol 4 - Appendices

Appendix A1.1 List of Consultee Comments (Addendum) (278KB)

Appendix A4.2 List of Turbine and Mast Co-ordinates (Addendum) (96KB)

Appendix A8.2 Response to SNH Comments (Addendum) (112KB)

Appendix A9.1 Visual Impact Tables (Addendum) (113KB)

Appendix A9.3 Response to SNH Comments (Addendum) (98KB)

Appendix A10.9 Habitat Management Plan (Addendum) (4.7MB)

Appendix A11.1 Birds Technical Report (13.1MB)

Appendix A11.2 Flight Activity Calculation (Addendum) (250KB)

Appendix A11.3 Collision Risk Modelling (Addendum) (258KB)

Appendix A11.4 Population Modelling (Addendum) (421KB)

Appendix A12.1 Background Noise Monitoring Equipment (Addendum) (369KB)

Appendix A12.2 Background Noise Levels (Addendum) (601KB)

Appendix A12.3 Sound Power Output Certificate (Addendum) (478KB)

Appendix A13.1 Site Gazetteer (Addendum) (1.1MB)

Appendix A13.2 Monument Setting and Sensitivity (Addendum) (106KB)

Appendix A13.4 Impact on Setting of Cultural Features (Addendum) (319KB)

Appendix A13.5 Archaeological Management Plan (Addendum) (168KB)

Appendix A13.6 The Neolithic Heart of Shetland Heritage Strategy (Addendum) (168KB)

Appendix A14.4 Estimated Peat Extraction and Re-use Volumes (Addendum) (146KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP (Addendum) (593KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS1 (Addendum) (28KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS2 (Addendum) (69KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS3 (Addendum) (192KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS4 (Addendum) (547KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS5 (Addendum) (39KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS6 (Addendum) (44KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS7 (Addendum) (76KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS8 (Addendum) (134KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS9 (Addendum) (91KB)

Appendix A16.5 Construction Impact Receptors (Addendum) (126KB)

Appendix A16.6 Carbon Payback Calculations (Addendum) (153KB)

Appendix A16.7 Macaulay Institute Field Visit Report (Addendum) (653KB)

Appendix A18.1 TV Survey (Addendum) (3.4MB)


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