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Vol 4 - Appendices

Appendix A1.1 List of Consultee Comments (Addendum) (278KB)

Appendix A4.2 List of Turbine and Mast Co-ordinates (Addendum) (96KB)

Appendix A8.2 Response to SNH Comments (Addendum) (112KB)

Appendix A9.1 Visual Impact Tables (Addendum) (113KB)

Appendix A9.3 Response to SNH Comments (Addendum) (98KB)

Appendix A10.9 Habitat Management Plan (Addendum) (4.7MB)

Appendix A11.1 Birds Technical Report (13.1MB)

Appendix A11.2 Flight Activity Calculation (Addendum) (250KB)

Appendix A11.3 Collision Risk Modelling (Addendum) (258KB)

Appendix A11.4 Population Modelling (Addendum) (421KB)

Appendix A12.1 Background Noise Monitoring Equipment (Addendum) (369KB)

Appendix A12.2 Background Noise Levels (Addendum) (601KB)

Appendix A12.3 Sound Power Output Certificate (Addendum) (478KB)

Appendix A13.1 Site Gazetteer (Addendum) (1.1MB)

Appendix A13.2 Monument Setting and Sensitivity (Addendum) (106KB)

Appendix A13.4 Impact on Setting of Cultural Features (Addendum) (319KB)

Appendix A13.5 Archaeological Management Plan (Addendum) (168KB)

Appendix A13.6 The Neolithic Heart of Shetland Heritage Strategy (Addendum) (168KB)

Appendix A14.4 Estimated Peat Extraction and Re-use Volumes (Addendum) (146KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP (Addendum) (593KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS1 (Addendum) (28KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS2 (Addendum) (69KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS3 (Addendum) (192KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS4 (Addendum) (547KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS5 (Addendum) (39KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS6 (Addendum) (44KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS7 (Addendum) (76KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS8 (Addendum) (134KB)

Appendix A14.6 SEMP TS9 (Addendum) (91KB)

Appendix A16.5 Construction Impact Receptors (Addendum) (126KB)

Appendix A16.6 Carbon Payback Calculations (Addendum) (153KB)

Appendix A16.7 Macaulay Institute Field Visit Report (Addendum) (653KB)

Appendix A18.1 TV Survey (Addendum) (3.4MB)


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