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Environmental Statement

Chapter 01 Introduction (88KB)

Chapter 02 Background (141KB)

Chapter 03 Site Selection (82KB)

Chapter 04 Development Description (163KB)

Chapter 05 Environmental Impact Assessment (79KB)

Chapter 06 Site Context (93KB)

Chapter 07 Renewable Energy and Planning Policy Context (170KB)

Chapter 08 Landscape Character (431KB)

Chapter 09 Visual Impact (289KB)

Chapter 10 Non-avian Ecology (504KB)

Chapter 11 Ornithology (408KB)

Chapter 12 Noise (256KB)

Chapter 13 Cultural Heritage (413KB)

Chapter 14 Soil and Water (5.9MB)

Chapter 15 Roads and Traffic (194KB)

Chapter 16 Air and Climate (191KB)

Chapter 17 Socio-economic Assessment (167KB)

Chapter 18 Telecommunications and Aviation (80KB)

Chapter 19 Recreation and Tourism (226KB)

Chapter 20 Summary of Mitigation and Residual Effects (109KB)


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