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Financial benefits

Shetland Charitable Trust's share in the Viking Wind Farm will earn it a substantial income[1] to use for the good of the Shetland people.

The trust currently spends around £9 million per year on supporting the elderly and vulnerable, local sports, the arts and heritage in Shetland as well as a wide variety of community organisations. It is also a significant investor in the isles' economy.

In addition to the income generated for the trust, the wind farm will pay out a community benefit worth at least £1.85 million every year during the 25-year lifetime of the project. A co-operative group has been set up under the auspices of the Association of Shetland Community Councils with a view to taking on responsibility for managing how this money is distributed.

The extra income to the community is likely to help generate new jobs[2]. According to a report for the UK and Scottish governments, published in May 2013, up to 460 jobs could be created in renewables in Shetland by 2020 and as many as 2,900 by 2035[3].

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