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Cautious approach to starting construction of Kergord access track

June 9th 2020

Following detailed planning and preparation work, construction of the Kergord access track is expected to begin from Monday 15th June with strict controls in place due to coronavirus. Completion of the works is expected in the autumn months.

Viking Energy Wind Farm (VEWF) is required to build the 1.3-mile track now to meet SSEN Transmission’s deadline to get onsite to start building its electricity convertor station. The station forms part of the Shetland HVDC Link project, an essential project to facilitate the connection of renewable energy which will also support the future security of electricity supply in Shetland. Work on these projects is permitted under the latest Scottish Government coronavirus guidance.

Shetland contractor Tulloch Developments postponed starting work on the access track in mid-March when the country entered lockdown.

A VEWF spokesperson said: “We are fortunate in having a Shetland-based firm to do this work along with its local sub-contractors when required. Stringent health and safety conditions will be in place to keep people safe and to ensure that travel and welfare arrangements are carefully controlled.

“Timely and safe completion of the track will contribute to the successful delivery of the Shetland Link and the Viking Wind Farm, which will be one of Scotland’s largest renewable projects contributing to the green economic recovery from coronavirus and to achieving the country’s net zero carbon emission targets.”

As required by planning conditions, several environmental consultancies will be involved in monitoring how the Kergord works are carried out. Shetland-based personnel will do most of the work, but a few specialist consultants who will be travelling from the Scottish mainland will adhere to all relevant guidance issued by both the Scottish Government and travel providers.