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Government Approves Wind Turbine Application

May 24th 2019

Viking Energy has welcomed Scottish Ministers’ approval of a small increase in the permitted size of wind turbines for its wind farm in Shetland.

The tip height increase is a variation to the original consent granted in 2012. This will allow the 103 turbine site to construct turbines with a tip height of up to 155 metres, an increase of 10m on the previously consented height.

A Viking Energy spokesman said: “It’s another big positive for Viking as we work towards starting construction of the wind farm next year. The increase in tip height is a relatively modest, but important, change which allows the project to choose from the latest and most efficient turbines on the market and increase the amount of renewable power that can be generated.

“In granting consent, Ministers drew attention to the seriousness of climate change and reiterated their priority of cutting carbon emissions. Viking Energy looks forward to playing its part in facilitating the transition to a low carbon future in Shetland and across Scotland.

“By installing a slightly larger turbines we will also be able to increase the amount of community benefit generated, making up to £2.2m available annually to the communities of Shetland for the lifetime of the wind farm.

“It is pleasing that Ministers acknowledge the potential for the revised wind farm project to bring ‘substantial positive net economic benefits both to Shetland and Scotland’, which they consider important to an area seeking to diversify its economy.”

Viking is currently preparing for the Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction, opening in the coming week, with the results of the auction expected between August and early November.

The project team is also working on detailed preparations for early construction of the Kergord access track and the building of temporary construction compounds.