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New Sandwater road meets planners' approval

May 27th 2020

Viking Energy Wind Farm (VEWF) has received planning permission to build a new Sandwater road close to the existing one. The permission granted by Shetland Islands Council includes a condition that construction will start within one year.

The new 1.4-mile double-track B9075 road will initially be used only by construction traffic while the wind farm is under construction, helping minimise disruption to other road users. Once the wind farm is completed, the surface will be brought up to public road standard and handed over to the council.

The new section of road will run from Sandwater to the junction with the existing road to Upper Kergord where a new 1.3-mile access track is planned to provide access to the site of the proposed electricity convertor station to be constructed by SSEN Transmission as part of the Shetland HVDC Link project.