You can find out more about the many Viking milestones and other interesting project information by reading our news stories below. For your convenience, you can group the stories by choosing the appropriate 'tag'.

15th February 2021

Julie Graham ponders her new life as Viking Wind Farm’s community engagement manager.

17th December 2020

More than 30 local companies have benefitted already

11th December 2020

Building Shetland's Energy Future is a joint newsletter by SSE Renewables and SSEN Transmission

2nd December 2020

Bridge repairs completed

30th November 2020

Pettawater bridge out of action during investigations

22nd September 2020

Main contractors will advertise contracts over the next two years.

17th September 2020

Reversing decades of serious erosion is a priority.

11th September 2020

Financial benefits for around 200 crofting families.

20th August 2020

Hear from the developers and main contractors

19th August 2020

V117 turbine known for its ability to withstand extreme wind conditions

18th August 2020

Site will be fully reinstated within 5 years.

14th August 2020

Activity around Sandwater Road and the main compound access area.