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Shetland Islands Council approves slight increase in turbine size

February 20th 2019

Viking Energy has welcomed Shetland Islands Council's decision today not to object to a relatively modest increase in the permitted size of turbines for the wind farm.

Head of development and strategy Aaron Priest said: “Naturally, we are pleased that, as a statutory consultee to the application made to the Energy Consents Unit, the council does not object to us making this relatively modest but important change to our consent originally granted back in 2012.

“The next step is for Scottish ministers to consider the application and we look forward to the final decision.

“In the meantime, Viking will continue to engage with the SIC’s planning service and other stakeholders to ensure that acceptable solutions are reached on any outstanding matters.

“The proposed tip height changes will allow the project to select the latest and most efficient turbines on the market, increasing the power generated by the project.

“This will maximise the competitiveness of the project and give it the greatest possible chance of securing a Contract for Difference (CfD) in the auction round due to take place in May 2019, and in turn maximise the community and economic benefits the project will bring to Shetland.

“As well as the income from the community share of the project, Viking Energy has committed to paying community benefit of £5,000 per installed MW of capacity, which will provide an income of up to £2,285,000 per year for community projects in Shetland.”