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Wind farm developer launches STEM educational resource for primary schools in Shetland

August 31st 2022

SSE Renewables, the developer of Viking Wind Farm, has launched a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) interactive educational online resource for children aged 3-8 years-old at nursery and primary schools across Shetland.

Created in conjunction with educational experts, We Are Futures, Vaila’s Windy Day follows the adventures of Vaila, a 7-year-old girl from Shetland as she learns about electricity and wind power, meeting lots of colourful characters along the way.

The animated interactive online resource also features the voice of local children and is narrated by a Shetland school teacher.

Annette Gear from Mid Yell Junior High School, who recorded the voice over, said:

“The bairns were very enthusiastic about recording the place names, and then really enjoyed identifying their voices when we tried out the resource.”

SSE Renewables’ Community Engagement Manager for Viking Energy Wind Farm, Julie Graham helped develop the materials. She said:

“We are committed to being a good and worthwhile member of the Shetland community and that is why we have worked with teachers in Shetland to develop this engaging and fun educational resource.

“Feedback from piloting these resources has been extremely positive – children love and relate to the character of Vaila and teachers have found the resource extremely useful.

“The transition to renewable energy sources including wind power is one we are all embarking on – it is likely that many of these children will have a role in this industry when they grow-up.”

Louise Weisbloom from We Are Futures said:

“It has been wonderful to develop Vaila’s Windy Day with SSE Renewables and local teachers in Shetland and encourages exploration of key STEM concepts and careers.

“The resource is typical of our award-winning work and links Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence key science learning objectives with the science of wind power and renewable energy.

“We hope that children in Shetland will enjoy following Vaila’s adventures and have fun while they are learning.”

As well as the opportunity to learn about wind energy, schools in Shetland which use the resource are invited to enter a poster competition to win an anemometer so they can continue to track the effects of the wind in Shetland.

Teachers and parents can download the resources at nationalschoolspartnership.com/vailas-windy-day.

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