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Temporary closure of Sandwater Road

November 30th 2020

Viking Energy Wind Farm (VEWF) and its principal contractor RJ McLeod reported an issue with a short section of parapet on the north side of the bridge of the Pettawater Burn to Shetland Islands Council's roads service.

Investigations which will ultimately allow the B9075 to reopen are being undertaken in cooperation with the council. In the meantime, all construction traffic requiring use of the bridge is suspended.


Road Closure Notice by Shetland Islands Council

Closure of B9075 – Weisdale to Sandwater

Due to a failure of the parapet on the north side of the bridge over the Pettawater burn, the B9075 Weisdale to Sandwater Road is currently closed.

This is no access through Kergord between Weisdale and the Sandwater junction on the A970.  All Kergord traffic must use the A971 access from Weisdale.

The closure is necessary in the interests of public safety and will remain in place until repairs can be effected to replace the parapet wall.