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Technical Appendices

App. A - Fugro Factual Report on Ground Investigation (2.2MB)

App. B - BAM Ritchies Laboratory Analyses (44KB)

Appendix 04.1 Track Layout Design Strategy (331KB)

Appendix 04.2 List of Turbine and Mast Co-ordinates (41KB)

Appendix 04.4 Best Practice Guidelines (77KB)

Appendix 04.6 Design Statement (55KB)

Appendix 04.7 Design Process (107KB)

Appendix 05.1 Scoping and Consultation Responses (89KB)

Appendix 05.2 Scoping Tables (240KB)

Appendix 05.3 Potential Secondary Effects (50KB)

Appendix 08.1 SIC LVIA Guidelines (806KB)

Appendix 09.1 Visual Impact Tables (585KB)

Appendix 09.2 Viewpoint Selection Criteria (67KB)

Appendix 10.1 Phase 1 Habitat Survey (1.5MB)

Appendix 10.2 NVC Survey (441KB)

Appendix 10.3 Rare Plants Survey (214KB)

Appendix 10.4 Otter Survey (30KB)

Appendix 10.5 Fresh Water Pearl Mussel Survey (248KB)

Appendix 10.6 Fish Survey (6.3MB)

Appendix 10.7 Freshwater Invertebrate Survey (5.5MB)

Appendix 10.8 CVs of Ecologists (44KB)

Appendix 10.9 Habitat Management Plan (3.6MB)

Appendix 10.10 Ecology Scoping Responses Summary (136KB)

Appendix 11.1 Birds Technical Report (7.3MB)

Appendix 11.2 Collision Risk (92KB)

Appendix 12.1 Background Noise Monitoring Equipment (42KB)

Appendix 12.2 Background Noise Measurements (302KB)

Appendix 13.1 Site Gazetteer (13.9MB)

Appendix 13.2 Visual Impact Proforma (45KB)

Appendix 13.3 Visual Impact Data (193KB)

Appendix 14.1 Peat Stability Assessment (7.5MB)

Appendix 14.2 Borrow Pit Report (5.4MB)

Appendix 14.3 Stream Crossing Guidance (4.3MB)

Appendix 14.4 Peat Volumes and Reuse (591KB)

Appendix 14.5 Hydrochemistry Survey (6.8MB)

Appendix 14.6 Site Environmental Management Plan (387KB)

Appendix 14.7 Site Waste Management Plan (380KB)

Appendix 15.1 Transport Statement (153KB)

Appendix 15.2 Abnormal Load Study (4MB)

Appendix 16.1 Input Scenarios (76KB)

Appendix 16.2 Best Case Scenario (132KB)

Appendix 16.3 Intermediate Scenario (131KB)

Appendix 16.4 Worst Case Scenario (132KB)


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